“Kiss me until I forget how terrified I am of everything wrong with my life.”(via schweregedanken)


A bug and a button

Once upon a time there was a bug. That bug was very small and very nice. The bugs name was Lenny. Lenny was a Rollie-pollie. One day Lenny was rolling around when he came across a large button. Lenny really liked the button. It was his favorite color, blue. Lenny decided that he wanted to stay with the button forever. Lenny then quickly skittered home and told his bug brother and bug sister that he was going to live at the button. His brother and sister insisted that he shouldn’t be alone, so they decided to go live with Lenny at the button. This made Lenny very happy. So, Lenny and his bug brother and bug sister crawled to the button and built their home with it. Lenny and his brother and sister then lived happily, bugging ever after.

It’s okay to be happy

Happiness, it’s okay to have it. Even on the days that you feel like you don’t deserve it. You always deserve happiness, no matter what. And you always deserve to be able to get help. To talk. To breathe. To be alive and be who you are. You can eat. You can smile. You can talk to people. You can be afraid sometimes. You can be silent. You can be sad. You can be angry. You don’t have to hide your feelings. It’s okay to be you. Exactly the way you are.

Photo credits to Samantha R.

You were always going to be mine

I’ve been dreaming about you long before we met. 

I had already envisioned our kiss thousands of times before it happened. 

You may not know it but you were meant to be my prince before the fist time I saw your smile. 

When we met and you told me your name, I didn’t know that one day I would smile just hearing someone say it. 

But slowly we melted together, becoming friends. Then we fell, together, into love. 

Like jumping off a cliff into the rushing blue water of the ocean. Everything feels slowed down and rushed at the same time. The moment of hitting the water and realizing that you are completely and totally in love. The coldness rushing into you, every part of you filled the chill the comfort the feel of life and death all in one.

Blank Page

A blank page stares at you with its absence of eyes. It’s like fresh snow, free from the trampling of passers-by. All you want is to put your mark in the snow, but you know that once you step on the uncharted patch it will be gone forever. Its beauty instantly gone, unrepairable.
But the page that stares at you can be fixed, or replaced. You could easily erase your markings or just click backspace. Yet you still feel that same fresh snow feeling.
So you sit, and wait. You let words flow inside your head and try to imagine them like waterfalls, falling to place at the bottom. But instead they smash into the rocks at the bottom and fall apart. You close your eyes and tightly wish for any words at all to come together. Just one string of words. You know that is all you need to begin your next adventure, but suddenly every moment feels like hours. You hope and wait and listen, but instead of dialogue or a coffee shop all you can hear is your own heart beat. Each beat of it just begging to be heard. Slowly it gets louder and faster, eventually it is so loud that you begin to worry that your skull might break. That your head will just shatter to a million pieces right there. And your existence would just fade away with it, that that would be your end. Then, as if casted my a magical fairy, all of those thoughts and your heart beat fade away and you it. You see the words, the sentence, the idea, just forming in your head. And with that you leap into the blank snow and you begin making snow angels, one after another. Your confidence soars with each new letter, and you know, deep inside that beating heart of yours, that this next adventure shall surely be your greatest.

What do I dream of?

What do I dream of? I dream of the ocean. I want it. I want to feel the sand beneath my feet and the water rushing. I know I can’t be truly finished with this world before I see it. So my dream is to see the ocean, but I also dream that I won’t be seeing to finish the whole book, just one chapter of me.   
Photo Credits to Roland S.